6 Unconventional Shifter Romances You Won’t Want to Miss

If you like shifter romances, chances are you’ve sampled a fair variety. There are scores of exciting novels featuring wolves, bears, dragons, and all your other favourite shifters—and that makes for a lot of mighty morphing man candy. But how about some love for the stranger shifters? Here are six novels that will take you out of the mainstream and into a new and exciting world.

Betrayal by Danielle Hardgrave

The blurb:

On a calm November evening, a ship disappears off the coast of Washington without a trace…

When Darcy Davies finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, he’s three things: injured, naked, and rude. And he’s got a few demands. Somewhere safe. No hospital.

Tell no one.

While Darcy takes him in, she’s no fool. She knows he was involved in whatever happened at sea that night. But is he a victim or a villain? One thing’s for certain—even if he’s not a danger to her person, this sexy stranger is a danger to her heart.

Gabriel Barnes can’t tell which is more of a pain in his side—the curvy brunette who plucked him off the beach, or the literal pain in his side.

Gabriel’s secret will be hard to keep in such close quarters, especially with injuries that are healing much too fast. But he’s got bigger problems.

It wasn’t an accident that brought him here.

It was a betrayal.

The bits:

After our first book, Olivia and I sat down and decided we wanted to do something a little different. Thus was born the Sea Assassins Trilogy, the answer to the age old question, “Are sharks a little sexy?”

Yes. Yes they are.

Redemption, the second book in the series, is due to be released on September 1, and the third book is in the works! For now, sink your teeth into this tasty morsel for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription—and whatever you do, don’t go in the water.

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Python’s Embrace by Eve Langlais

The blurb:

He loves to HUG and SQUEEZE.

Welcome to Bitten Point, where a big bad snake dotes on his itty-bitty dog. Got a problem with it? Then speak to his fist.

Don’t mock Constantine’s dog. Princess might weigh only six and a half pounds, but she’s tough—so watch your ankles. Be warned, if she doesn’t like you then neither will Constantine.

Except he kinds of likes Aria, even though Princess would prefer to bury her in a hole.

Could it be because Aria has secrets? Lots of them, and they all have to do with the danger stalking Bitten Point. People are missing, and some have turned up dead. Monsters are roaming and not just the swamp at night but the streets too. At the heart of the mystery is a bite-sized woman, a woman Constantine wants to hug tightly in his coils and…keep forever?

A cold-blooded snake, Constantine can’t help but crave the warmth that is Aria, but can he keep her out of mortal danger long enough to make her his mate?

The bits:

Eve Langlais is the queen of unconventional shifters. She’s got crocodiles. She’s got kangaroos. And yes, she’s got a freaking python. And dang, look at that cover! Take this one out for a spin and you won’t be di-sssss-appointed.

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Llama and the Lady by Madison Johns

The blurb:

Angus Rayburn’s life takes an unexpected turn when he goes from ranch hand to bodyguard for actress Angelina Foxworth. Llama shifters are natural bodyguards, but how will he guard his heart from Angelina when their plane crashes and the only person they can count on is each other?

Angelina didn’t know what to think about having a shifter who happens to be a llama as a bodyguard, but when they’re stranded in the wilderness of Wyoming, she has to rely on him more than ever. Would she lose her heart in the process?

Who wants Angelina dead, and how far will Angus go to keep her alive?

The bits:

I mean, come on. The hero is a llama shifter bodyguard. If that’s not worth a closer look, I don’t know what is! Also available on KU, Llama and the Lady will take you from the wilds of Wyoming to the land of heartwarming HEAs faster than you can say, “Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner!”

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Novak Raven by T.S. Joyce

The blurb:

His entire life, Weston Novak has been followed by the long shadow of his raven shifter people. He’s kept his distance and settled into the Bloodrunner Crew, but his life has just taken a hard right turn. Not only does he have visions of the future now, but a soft-spoken raven shifter named Avery has just tumbled into his life to shake everything up. He knows she’s here for dark reasons, but he can’t help the bone-deep attraction he feels for her. Avery was born to betray him, and he can see what’s coming for him clear as day, so why can’t he leave the timid beauty alone?

Avery Foley has been connected to the Novak Raven for as long as she can remember. She has lived far away from Weston in Raven’s Hollow, but has never stopped thinking about her childhood pen pal. To escape an unwanted betrothal, she’s lied to the raven council and run deep into the mountains of the Bloodrunner Dragon. She can’t ever meet the terrifying shifters who live here, but their mere existence is protecting her from an empty life.

The Novak Raven doesn’t even know what he’s done for her, and now he’ll save her a second time. He has to because Weston knows better than anyone–you can’t change fate.

The bits:

Anybody who knows me knows I’m practically obsessed with ravens (and crows) so I was delighted to find this nugget. It’s action packed, it’s steamy, and it’s free on KU so it won’t caw-st you a dime!

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The Luck of the Shifters – Bianca D’Arc

The blurb:

Seamus O’Leary was abducted from his home in Australia and imprisoned for months in the Pacific Northwest. He arrived in Grizzly Cove with his spirit broken from being forced to stay in his animal form for months. Human again, and unable to shift without the crutch of alcohol, he is trying his best just to get through each day…until a chance meeting changes his life forever.

Moira Kinkaid came to Grizzly Cove with a dual purpose. First, she is supposed to give the bear shifters who live there all the information her powerful Clan has collected about the sea monster known as the leviathan. Second, she’s checking the place out for her cousin, the Kinkaid Alpha. If the place is as promising as it looks, some of the Kinkaid billions might be invested in the up-and-coming town. But, when Moira stumbles across a handsome, drunken man on the beach, suddenly her mission changes to something much more personal.

Drawn to each other, the two very different shifters share a highly magical Irish ancestry—and a passion unlike anything either has ever known. From the moment they meet, they are nearly inseparable. Something about their relationship seems almost inevitable, but they are both hiding things. Moira is a covert business operative and Seamus fears his inner animal is broken forever. Can these two find middle ground and healing in the safe harbor of Grizzly Cove?

The bits:

He’s a koala. She’s…something else. Together they’re magic. Turn in here if you love broken heroes and secrets!

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Hedging his Bets – Celia Kyle and Mina Carter

The blurb:

Honey loves running her bar and grill, catering to humans and shifters alike. But there are two things that dim her love of the place: cocky assholes who think they own the world, and cocky assholes who think they can flex their muscles and wreck her bar when throwing a temper tantrum. Unfortunately, the drop-dead gorgeous, hotter than hot, shifter man she secretly loves is both.

Blake wants the curvaceous, gorgeous Honey in his bed. Now. He’s lusted (but not loved, let’s get that straight) after the luscious woman for months. True, he looks like a bad-boy biker mixed with a player and, yeah, he’s broken a few things in her bar… But only because the guys were hitting on his girl. With no hope of winning her over in sight, he does what any red-blooded werehedgehog would do in his position. He lies.

The bits:

Who knew that in addition to clearing your garden of pests, hedgehogs could also clear your heart of cobwebs? Make no mistake though, this hero is far from cute and cuddly. He’s cocky, possessive, and isn’t afraid to puff his spines up if he needs to.

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Thanks for reading! All of the above books are on our Unconventional Shifters shelf on Goodreads. Got an unconventional shifter that you love that didn’t make the list? Comment with it below!


9 thoughts on “6 Unconventional Shifter Romances You Won’t Want to Miss

  1. If you guys really want unconventional shifter romances, I have Octopus Shifters, Hell Hounds, Chimera, and Ophidians. LOVE that someone is out there giving them a chance again! If your interested please let me know, I can send you copies to see for yourself!


      1. Lovely! Some are only in print, so if your interested let me know and Ill send them to you.

        Ophidians (E book): https://smile.amazon.com/Slither-Weresnake-Stella-Audra-Price-ebook/dp/B06ZY7F692

        Chimera *part of a series* (E book bundle of series, But Chimera’s book is called Pin Your Wings): https://smile.amazon.com/13-Shades-Red-Bundle-Metalcore-ebook/dp/B01MZ53358

        Hell Hound: * mentioned in a few books but main subject In Make My World Spin, second in series* PRINT ONLY: https://smile.amazon.com/Make-World-Spin-Men-Manifold/dp/153996194X

        Octopus Shifter: Under pen name, Audio or Print only: https://smile.amazon.com/Eternal-Echoes-Sisters-Divine-Anastasia/dp/1492747009

        If your interested in the ones that are print Let me know, I would gladly send them along to you with some goodies!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, what a generous offer! I love the mythological aspects in your books. I’ve got a TBR pile the length of my arm so I couldn’t guarantee a quick read, but Make My World Spin sounds intriguing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I read a fantastic snake shifter series by Stella and Audra Price called Knossos West way back around 2009. All different snake species. It was considered extremely unconventional at the time. I’m glad more authors are finally following suit with these types of shifters. For anyone looking for more unconventional shifters, Stella also wrote an octopus shifter book called Eternal Echoes under the pen name Anastasia Virgas. ☺


  3. I’ve done several unconventional shifters, including an alligator, an elephant, and a red deer. My next book, due out in a couple of weeks, features a bald eagle shifter. Not to mention my naughty humorous shifters under one of my pen names.


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