The Redemption Playlist is Here!

We are so excited to announce the coming release of Redemption, the second novel in the Sea Assassins Trilogy. It’s exciting! Almost as exciting? The rad playlist that goes along with it.

You can check out the Spotify playlist here to listen to the songs that inspired this tale of deceit and desire, but you’ll have to wait until the release date of August 25 to find out which songs made it into the book!

Interested? Here’s the synopsis:

Sophia Davies is having the time of her life.

She lives with her two best friends in a city she loves and every day is a new adventure. Case in point, stumbling into her bedroom after a great night out and finding her ultimate childhood crush waiting for her.

But things have changed since the last time Sophia saw Nate. For starters, she now knows what he does for a living. And there’s the whole shark shifter thing…

Nathan Redman is burning.

He thought his mistakes would fade away with time, but the closer he comes to taking leadership of his clan, the more they sear into his skin. Revenge is the best cure for any wound, which is why Nathan’s heading out to see an old friend.

It’s nothing personal, really.

Getting close to Sophia is no problem. Killing her on the other hand… 

You can read Betrayal, the first book in the series, for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or grab a copy from Amazon. Don’t forget to add Redemption to your TBR.

See you on September 1!

– Danielle

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