Sleuthing With the Enemy Preview


You may remember To Trust a Wolf, the scintillating paranormal romance novella that took the indie publishing world by storm around this time last year. No? Okay. Well I’m sure you’ll still be interested to hear that the next book in the Unnatural Alliances series is due for release soon. If you’re not, here’s why you should be:

Somebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen—a very pissed off werewolf—is going to make sure they pay for it.

There’s just one problem: Anna’s only suspect is the arrogant vampire prince, Jonas Weiss. He’s cocky, frustrating, and a little bit sexy. Okay, a lot sexy.

He also claims to be innocent, so the fact that she just broke into his home and attacked him is…problematic.

And his price for keeping silent about the whole debacle? Downright devious.

Is your curiosity piqued? I surely hope so, otherwise I’m clearly not doing my job right. I have loved working on this novel (yes, this one’s a novel!) and I think you’ll love it too. Check out this sample. I’d love to hear what you think!

“The Shelf was exactly the kind of place I knew to avoid on sight. It looked like a hipster bar that somebody had vomited goth all over, and was chok-a-blok full of vampires.

We’d been parked just across the street for about an hour, and during that time I’d seen no fewer than fifteen vampires coming and going. Unfortunately, none of them had matched Benji’s description, but the night was still young.

Jonas’ eyes swept over my attire for the evening for the tenth time. I was just fixing my lipstick in the hanging visor of his car, unsure of what else to do except constantly reapply my makeup or fiddle with my braids. I’d plaited the top section of my long blonde hair back from my face, letting the rest tumble over my shoulders in loose waves. It was pretty, but tactical too.

“I can see you giving me the side eye, Prince Charming,” I noted sourly. “Just spit it out.”

He snorted. “Do you own anything that’s not black?”

In the mirror, my ice blue eyes, surrounded by their usual outline of charcoal, narrowed. “I wasn’t aware there was a dress code for vampire-napping.”

“Oh, there isn’t,” he replied. “I was just curious.”

I slammed the mirror back into place with a little more force than necessary. “What’s your issue?”

The crooked grin he shot me would have been panty-melting if it wasn’t coming from his stupid face. With his stupid perfect jawline and his stupid perfectly straight teeth. Even the one imperfection, that little crook in his nose, only added to his overall attractiveness. It was infuriating.

Jonas had the audacity to put his hands in the air and laugh. “My issue? Has anybody ever told you you’re a little prickly?”


I turned and opened the visor again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jonas smile. He opened his mouth to say something else, but his attention glued to the front entrance of the bar. I slammed the visor up and followed his gaze.”

Sleuthing With the Enemy will be out on in early June!

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