Cover Reveal: Betrayal

Ladies and gentlemen! The time has come to reveal the cover for Caldwell Publishing’s next titillating tale. Betrayal is a shifter romance with a twist. The tentative release date is January 20.

And now for what we’re all really here for…


Ain’t she purdy? Shout out to our wonderful in-house graphic designer, Olivia!

On a calm November evening, a ship disappears off the coast of Washington without a trace…

When Darcy Davies finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, he’s three things: injured, naked, and rude. And he’s got a few demands. Somewhere safe. No hospital.

Tell no one.

While Darcy takes him in, she’s no fool. She knows he was involved in whatever happened at sea that night. But is he a victim or a villain? One thing’s for certain—even if he’s not a danger to her person, this sexy stranger is a danger to her heart.

Gabriel Barnes can’t tell which is more of a pain in his side—the curvy brunette who plucked him off the beach, or the literal pain in his side.

Gabriel’s secret will be hard to keep in such close quarters, especially with injuries that are healing much too fast. But he’s got bigger problems.

It wasn’t an accident that brought him here.

It was a betrayal.

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