Review: Silver Blood by Emma Hamm


Genre(s): Fantasy

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Two hundred years ago, our world changed forever. Two realms combined in an explosion of magic. One morning everything was normal and the next? Every human body was host to another magical creature who had thoughts and a mind of its own. However, with power comes darkness. Someone wants to wipe this earth clean and will stop at nothing to consume it.


Or so she thought. Wren had grown up with another voice in her head but had never considered herself magical. She doesn’t have the talents other people have. She certainly doesn’t have the abilities anyone else has. But she is charming and manages her business quite well. She deals in emotions and makes people happy. It’s a simple life, but it’s hers.


Burke was a bodyguard first and always. He had been sent to collect her and deliver her in person to the most powerful creatures in their world. But the moment he steps through the broken door of her shop, his world changes forever. She’s strange. She’s uncomfortable. And she’s so damned beautiful. He is convinced she is part of a prophecy that can save their world.

But how to convince her?


I loved the concept of this story. A heroine who can manufacture emotions for consumption, a world where humans and supernatural creatures live in the same bodies, and a handsome badass with a good heart. Count me in!

The story was gripping and full of miniature mysteries and twists and turns, which kept me totally engaged. The heroine was interesting, and I didn’t think her quirkiness was too overdone as it can be with these types of stories. I loved E, her little internal sidekick!

My only real issue was that the beginning was pretty info-dumpy in nature. Through the rest of the book, too, there could have been a bit less exposition and a bit more action.

Still, I would definitely recommend this book! It’s a great read and is sure to entertain.

Rating: ★★★★

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