Review: Escaping Memories by Amanda Siegrist


Genre(s): Romantic Suspense

Author Website


Sheriff Logan Caldwell just wants to keep his beloved county safe, yet feels like he fails when a father kills his own daughter. Open and close case. Nothing more for him to do but start his vacation like he originally planned before that tragedy swallowed him whole. He never imagined the day would get worse when he finds a woman in his cabin. She’s dirty and bruised with blood all over her body. She has no memory—of anything. He failed the little girl, but he won’t fail this woman. He swears he’ll find out who hurt her, keep her safe, and help her gain her memory back. Only problem is, he just might fall in love with her at the same time.


I don’t read a lot of romantic suspense and I think I ought to. Sheriff Caldwell (no relation to us haha) was the guy that every girl dreams about falling into the arms of after a traumatizing event. He’s sweet, kind, and dreamy as hell. Having him protect the heroine while he tried to figure out who took her in the first place was a great way to layer the romance onto the plot.

The characterization was solid and well-rounded. I loved Charlotte! There were lots of characters to pull from for the continuation of the series, so if you like small town romances, pay attention to this one.

The writing was good, but could have benefitted from a bit more editing. There weren’t glaring spelling or grammar errors per se, but I did notice some stylistic trips and a few smaller grammar errors. I also felt the romance was a bit rushed for my taste.

Overall, a good piece of fiction and an interesting read!

Rating: ★★★

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