Review: Fated Memories by Joan Carney


Genre(s): Sci-Fi Historical Romance

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A woman, a war, a vision of the future past…

Burdened with the scars of a tortured childhood and a shattered romance, Kitty is being forced to resign from the dull, anonymous job she’s been hiding behind. With her life in shambles and her friends moving on without her, she jumps at her cousin, Maggie’s, invitation to visit. However, Maggie’s new boyfriend, Simon, has a secret that accidentally hurls the trio a hundred and fifty years into the past. Trapped in the midst of the bloodiest war in American history, the events that unfold will require more mettle than Kitty’s ever had.



I went to a colonial festival over the weekend and had the time of my life. Though the actors that charged at each other through the misty August air were meant to be from the eighteenth century, not the nineteenth, it still put me in the right frame of mind to read this book.

Joan Carney has put an incredible amount of care and research into this novel. I found the historical aspects to be quite interesting, and I enjoyed the little bits of detail and considerations that the characters had to make. I found it interesting that the main antagonist seemed to be nineteenth-century life itself. With diseases, war, and unfamiliar customs, the characters had their hands full just trying to survive.

I easily sped through the first half, and am delighted to say that I enjoyed this book. There were some grammatical errors, though not enough to draw away from the narrative in my opinion. My main point of contention was the dialogue. It didn’t seem very natural to me at times. That being said, I think the characterization was distinct and interesting, and loved the dynamic between Maggie and Kitty. I didn’t get a great feel for either of the love stories, but I feel they were more of a side tale to a more sweeping narrative about the trials and tribulations of three people lost in time.
Overall, an interesting and worthwhile romp back in time!

Rating: ★★★★

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