Review: August Fire By Kasey Riley


Genre(s): Romantic Suspense
Length: 360 pages

Author Website


Sparks fly…
When they meet, Stephanie thinks Doyle rude, crude, and bossy and while he loves her long legs, he thinks she seems snobbish and cold. However, he feels she has interesting possibilities and she thinks he is a sexy hunk.

Danger unites…
Surviving the arsonist set rangeland fire together ignites the passions each has been ignoring. The rugged high desert and mountains of Colorado set the scene for adventure, danger and fiery passions. Can they stay ahead of the arsonist and develop a solid relationship in the bright light of day?

Growing trust in the face of adversity, just how strong is this new relationship. Can each of them get beyond past betrayals and pain? Will the final chapter be a wedding, or a fond farewell?

Riverview is home to Stephanie and now to Doyle. The small Colorado town and its citizens reflect small ranch towns across the United States. The values and closeness of the residents who support each other when times are tough.


I had very few complaints with this novel. I found the plot to be an interesting twist on classic contemporary romance, and I loved the aspect of danger woven into it. I found that the two main characters had a great chemistry, and I was anxiously rooting for them to get together right from their first meeting. The fact that their love was a slow burn (pun intended!) made it all the better for me! There was a superb amount of detail in the scenes that helped me orient myself with the setting. And the fact that there was a wee bit of mystery? Hell, that’s my bread and butter!

That being said, it wasn’t perfect. There were some errors and chunks that could have used more polishing. Overall, my enjoyment of the plot overrode most of my trepidation in regards to the writing. I would happily recommend!

Rating: ★★★★

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