Review: Nightstalker – Red Team by Riley Edwards

sexy brutal woman sitting in factory ruins and holding handgun

Genre(s): Military Romance
Length: 390 pages

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I was blissfully living my life as a tier one security contractor, shooting guns and killing bad guys. My life was perfect. Almost. I was missing something; a missing piece of time to be exact. For the last two years I have tried to remember the details of my capture and torture. Two years willing my brain to remember. Nothing. I could remember nothing.

Then he walked into my life, actually he pushed his way in. It was hard not to notice him, tall, bossy, and sexy as hell. He had no respect of personal space, he used every opportunity to get close and breathe me in. He demanded my attention, whispering the filthiest words in my ear and that was all it took. A few words on his part had me yielding to his every demand.

As one secret after another was revealed, lies are exposed and the missing pieces of the puzzle are finally put together. A nervous breakdown was surely in my future. My entire life was a lie.

Just when I thought I could take no more; I am faced with the most important mission of my life. If I failed it might cost the one man I have ever loved his life- Lincoln Parker.


She was MINE. She can fight it all she wanted, but in the end I would have her, every way a man can have his woman. She was a sassy little thing, making me work to bend her to my demands. But I will! I will bend her and tie her to me so tight she would never be able to get free. Only problem is I had to break her first. I had secrets that she needed to know. I have fought to get back here, two years breathing in filth and scum. All for her- my warrior princess. Now all I had to do is make her remember.

This might be my toughest mission yet. None of my SEAL training or my time in the CIA has prepared me for this; a prickly five foot nothing hellcat, Jasmin Smith.


I thought the premise of this book was interesting, but the execution unfortunately wasn’t there. There was a good attention to detail in regards to weaponry and all the little military-esque bits and bobs, and Jasmine was a good character. The steamy factor was also quite solid, with a good build up of sexual tension.

Apart from that, there wasn’t a lot else I got on board with. The dialogue was quite choppy and unnatural, and there was an above and beyond amount of swearing. Don’t get me wrong—I love to swear. I just found it a bit distracting at times. The writing was also repetitive and told way more than it showed. The plot was just as promising as the premise, but I found it jumped the shark once or twice.

Overall, I think with some revision this novel could be quite good.

Rating: ★★

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