7 Hottest Werewolves of All Time

This was a difficult list to make. Over the years werewolves have become more popular and now there are dozens to choose from. Believe me when I say I did a lot of research. And oh, was it glorious.

7. Derek Hale – Teen Wolf


There are lots of lovable lycanthropes in Teen Wolf. In the end, I chose Derek Hale, because I like his face and he’s got the whole ‘hot dad’ look going on.

6. Lucian – Underworld series

Via Neko Random

I know Lucian might not be the most popular choice, but I’m in love with villains—especially when they’re as multifaceted as Lucian. And I have like a weird thing for Michael Sheen. I think it’s that creepy smile. And check out that big ass coat! Macklemore ain’t got nothin’ on this wolf.

5. Remus Lupin – Harry Potter series

Via girlinsneakers

Not only does this shaggy yet lovable rascal always have chocolate on him, but he’ll fight to the end to protect the ones he loves.

4. Jacob Black – Twilight series

Via Youtube

He and his whole canine crew will have you drooling like a hound dog. Ripped, gorgeous, and constantly shirtless? Yes please.

3. Tommy Dawkins – Big Wolf on Campus

Via Wikia

Maybe you haven’t heard of this Canadian TV series from the late 90s/early 2000s, but it’s a treat. Tommy is a big, lovable werewolf who just wants to protect his town. And look at those eyes!

2. Hayley Marshall-Kenner – The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Via Enstars

Speaking of eyes, check out these peepers. Hayley had her bad girl beginnings in The Vampire Diaries, and by the time she’s in Originals she’s the ultimate boss ass bitch. Fiercely loyal and ruthless in protecting the ones she loves, she’s got the face, the skills, and the personality.

1. Alcide Herveaux – True Blood


Via moviepilot


When I first saw Alcide on True Blood I lost my damn mind. A bit of a silver fox, and a whole lot of a hunk of a man, Alcide is the tough and gruff man of your dreams.

Have another hottie you want to highlight? Comment below!

Hungry for more? Chhardeck out To Trust a Wolf’s Rune Helsen. He’s sexy and sweet—but his intentions are far from innocent.


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